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Shield Type Circulating Pump

Performance Range

·Max. Flow: 360L/min
·Max. Head: 23m


·Three-speed adjustment
·Low noise, no leakage, no vibration
·Long service life

Application Limits

·Liquid temperature: 2℃~100℃
·Maximum ambient temperature +40℃
·Maximum system pressure 10bar
·Protection level: IP42
·Insulation class: F
·Installation: the motor shaft must be kept in horizontal direction

Optional Available on Request

·Products can be customized according to customer's voltage and frequency
·Stainless steel pump body, Brass pump body, Cast iron pump body,engineering plastic pump body, enamel pump body

Application Field

·Designed for circulation of liquids in heating and air-conditioning systems. Examples of typical applications are mix water under-floor heating system air energy hot water circulation system, solar hot water circulation system, boiler heating system, pressurization of domestic tap water, industry hot or cold water circulation system, etc.

Model Instruction

Structure Image

Installation Dimensions

Performance Curves

Technical Data & Dimensions

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