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Intelligent Constant Pressure Self-Priming Boosting Pump

Performance Range

·Max. Flow: 7m³/h
·Max. Head: 70m

Application Limits

·Suction head up to 9m
·Liquid temperature: -15℃~70℃ (Normal water type)

70℃-120℃ (Hot water type)
·Maximum ambient temperature +40℃
·PH level from 4-9

Application Field

·Mainly used for family households water supply and the transportation of industrial liquid. Suitable for demineralized water, soft water, purification system, light oil, etc.
·Large Households、Aquaculture、Fertilization、Billing、system、Villas、Hair、salons、Air-condition system、Food & Drink delivery、Hotels、Office buildings、Cooling、system、Car washing、system、Schools、Garden、irrigations、Industrial system、Water solution、system、Bath、center、Penthouses


·Permanent magnet brushless motor, high efficiency and energy-saving
·Continuously variable transmission, freely set start and stop pressure
·Soft start and stop, long service life motor
·Intelligent frequency conversion control, without pressure tank, small size with excellent appearance
·Flow switch and high precision pressure sensor control, no frequently start
·Automatic start, anti-incrustation (every 48 hours) and anti-icing (under 2℃)
·Display function, current pressure and power and speed and errors can be showed
·Directly water supply with more clean water, no need water tank or tower
·Pump head inlaid-copper design, rust prevention design inside pump body, stainless steel pump shaft design
·Blocking protection, overload protection, low-water protection, anti-icing protection
·Manual mode, speed, head and flow can be controlled
·Easy installation, straight and 90° angle pipe
·Excellent performance, with large flow and head, widely used

Optional Available on Request

·Products can be customized according to customer's voltage and frequency
·Stainless steel pump body, Brass pump body, Cast iron pump body

Model Instruction

Technical Data & Dimensions

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