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SZW High Speed Deep Well Pump

Performance Range

·Flow Range: 2.6-185 m³/h
·Head Range: 12-385 m

Application Limits

·PH level from 5-8
·Max. ambient temperature < 50℃
·Sand content (in mass fraction) up to 0.25%
·Max. immersion depth 50m
·Installation: the motor shaft must be kept in vertical direction

Application Field

·For solar energy system: both AC and DC input, automatic mode and AC&DC dual-use mode
·For fountains: the pump controller adopt new generation DC inverter technology with quick response
·For water supply and drainage project: smaller size and better performance
·For petrochemical industry, medicinal industry and water process: can be equipped with network communication Function and linked to the computer


·High efficiency motor: permanent magnet synchronous motor, smaller size, lighter weight, higher efficiency and longer service life.
·With the leading principle of direct torque control (DTC), it is the most efficiency motor driven by sine wave driven.
·Frequency conversion: with the technology of DC frequency conversion, it owns the advantage of low noise and can start under the condition of low voltage and low temperature.
·MPPT function: maximum solar power point tracking (Maximum PowerPoint Tracking), frequency conversion and adjusting the work speed automatically.
·Soft start: rated torque soft start, motor start with high torque.
·Protection: high-voltage and low-voltage protection, automatic on/off, over current and overload protection, open-phase protection, the coil will never be burned out.
·Intelligent control: if there is no water in well for 1 minute, solar pump will stop working automatically. Pump will start automatically power on to test whether there is water or not. And it has intelligent overload protection, when abnormal situation appeared during the work, the pump automatically shut down.
·Structure: stainless steel, alloying mechanical seal, durable in use.
·AC solar energy dual use: when the power is high, you can use the AC current alone or in dual-use, preference run out of the solar power, if the solar energy is not enough, AC power would automatic Replenishment.

Optional Available on Request

·SSW series pump power refer to power of solar panel (pump input power), while SZW series refer to pump output power. If customers need 1000w power above, high-voltage solar pump is better, which can both be powered by solar and AC and can be installed with thinner cable to reduce loss.
·Built-in controller can be chosen
·Cable length can be chosen
·Pipe connection of discharge chamber is available with 2", 3", 4", 6", 8"

Model Instruction

Performance comparison

Connection curve

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Technical Data & Dimensions

Technical Data & Dimensions

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