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Shielded hot and cold water cycle booster pump


The pump adopts permanent magnet, frequency conversion, brushless, high speed, high efficiency synchronous motor. The main components and chips of frequency conversion drive imported original production with stable performance and reliable; The products adopt high-precision pressure sensor, water follow switch, temperature sensor combined with advanced electronic control technology, the real first to achieve intelligent, frequency conversion, high-efficient, energy-saving products for the times, The operation of setting is very simple, no need professional debugging, everybody can do it, automatization beyond your imagination, it is a wonderful feeling. 


Permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor, intelligent frequency conversion,infinitely variable speeds, top configure
High-precision pressure sensor, no frequent start.
Automatic star, anti-incrustation for every 12 hours.
Automatic stop when without water(Prevent dry running )
Motor overload protection, phase failure protection, lightning protection, anti blocking protection.
Soft start, soft stop, long service life.
Anti-rust protection inside the pump body, brass or stainless steel is available.
Low noise, no vibration, no leakage, high speed, high efficiency, high lift, big flow capacity.
Design of automatic exhaust, which will not happen air when the water temperature under 70℃ in cause of dry running and noise, Both standing and lying can be installed.
Powerful function, free setting, simple operation, intelligent control.
The performance and function are unique, which are leading line.
Exquisite design for appearance, it looks extraordinary.


Constant pressure function
The pump will automatic star when you open one or more fuller faucet that the pressure is always constant pressure, when the follow is reduce the power also reduce; When we turn off all of faucet the pump will stop automatically, it is convenient, energy saving and high efficient
Temperature function
The pump use temperature to control starting or stopping. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, the pump automatically start working. When the water temperature is higher than the set temperature, the pump automatically stop working, and versa can also be set.
Time control function
According to the law of water, you can set a number of different time periods to open and close the pump operation.
Power checking function
you can check the power consumption in any time when the pump working.
Power saving function
Especially suitable for circulating in nigh, Press power saving  key then the light will on , it will be autosaved within 2 seconds, Automatic reduce power by 20% after 1 hours, automatic reduce power 40% after 3 hours, Automatically recover the power back to normal after 12 hours, Repeat the above mode automatically after 24 hours no need to adjustment every day.
Automatic function:
 Open the faucet to start the pump automatically, shut down the faucet automatically stop the pump.
ON/OFF function
You can opperate turn and off on the pump no need to cut off the power.
Memory function
If power cut off, it can be automaticlly saved the last operation data.
Backwater function (Backwater function model)
Open the faucet outlet 1-3 seconds after the faucet closed, the pump can automatically return cold water between the hot water and the faucet without any waste back to the air energy or solar energy water tank, After a few minutes to open the faucet again, it will supply hot water, not waste water and time, it is really easy. If the pump finished the backwater, it would automatically stop or boost, you just directly click to select a single backwater or backwater boost button in the panel.
level adjustment function
Depending on the actual needs, different levels can be adjusted to increase or decrease pressure and flow for maximize efficiency


Solar energy

Air energy

Gas water heater

Gas hanging bolier

Mating for Floor heating

Boiler matching

Heat recovery system

Tank timing, constant pressure 

automatic water

Cooling system

Industrial system

Central air-conditioning cycle

Commercial housing

Large-sized apartment

Duplex building




Shampoo room

Office building

Sauna center

Swimming pool



A new generation of circulation pump with the backwater function, it's now has become a trend of household, especially applicable to air energy or solar hot water tank to far out of the faucet, it can turn cold water to solar energy or air energy tank fast, let you enjoy the "hot water will be immediately available at the turn of the tap" wonderful feeling! a return pipe isn't required in installation.

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